The Story

All of this came about several years ago when, one day, it finally dawned on the founder of the organization that she was overweight. That day, she weighed 65 pounds more than she does today, that day was the beginning of a brand-new person. So she began the process of fiddling with different diets, she even paid the arm and leg fees of Jenny Craig (could only afford it for about 2 weeks then quit!). After unsuccessful experimentation, it finally clicked that she could do something all on her own for a fraction of the price and stay motivated. And, she did! She lost those 65 pounds, and still continues to eat healthy and exercise because she didn’t just create a fad diet; she created a new lifestyle for herself.

Of course people realized the transformation, and she couldn’t go to any social gatherings without people asking, “What is your secret?” After her 100th conversation about what she did, how she did it, and how they could do it too, she realized a need for a system to help out her sisters and this entire ummah. So she created one. The Nadoona system currently branches out into 4 sections; weight loss, running groups, extravaganzas, and fashion/gear. We can be healthy, stay fit, and still fulfill our moral and religious obligations, while making it enjoyable all in one. Lets make the world strong, Nadoona strong, because a healthy community is a strong community!

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